Contestants Light Up the Stage at Bradley Idol


Grace Myers singing “Rise Up”. Photo from

The annual Bradley Idol competition hosted by ACBU (Activities Council at Bradley University) crowned this year’s winner on Friday, April 26that Renaissance Colosseum. The ten contestants in this year’s competition put on a show for the crowd, but ultimately Grace Myers, a sophomore nursing major, won the show.

The contestants this year ranged from all over Bradley’s campus. The competition featured a variety of years and majors from freshman to seniors and from political science to music entertainment and industry.

The show was hosted and emceed by Kevin Yee, a comedian who was recently featured with an hour-long special on Hulu. Yee, who is known for his original comedy music, has also been featured on Broadway, “The Gong Show” on ABC, and various festivals across the United States. More information and contact information for Yee can be found on his website,

Myers felt blessed to be able to be in a competition with such great performers, and admitted she was surprised when she won.

“I was blown away by the other singers and felt special that I even made it to be able to sing against them. When they announced that I won, I was pretty shocked and really did not expect or think that it would happen at all,” Myers said. “I still am shocked because the other contestants were amazing.”

For her songs, Myers chose “Stone Cold” by Demi Lovato for her audition and “Rise Up” by Andra Day for the competition.

“I chose (Stone Cold) mostly because I had it prepared already from Greek Week,” Myers said. “I chose it (Rise Up) because it has a really powerful and uplifting meaning and I usually aim to inspire the audience or at least make someone smile. If I can do that, I usually consider it a successful performance.”

Myers enjoyed the experience and looks forward to being able to watch the future competitions, as anyone who places first, second or third is not allowed to compete in the next Bradley Idol.

“Overall this was a really cool experience and I’m happy that it went the way that it did, and I hope I get to watch the competition next year and see how it is from the audience’s point of view,” Myers said. “I also want to give a shout out to Allison Plourde and Emma Hoyhtya because they really blew me away with their performances and Emma helped me practice a lot.”

Abby Peterson, ACBU’s special events coordinator, was happy with the outcome of her event this year and how good the competition turned out to be.

“I think every year the competition is getting more and more recognition,” Peterson said. “Every singer in this year’s show did an amazing job, especially with the tough competition.”

As for the future of the event, Peterson sees this contest growing in both size and in competitiveness for the years to come.

“The recent competitions have shown an increase in both the amount of auditions and audience,” Peterson said. “I am proud of how it turned out, and I have big hopes for the future as this event will continue to grow.”

Max Bulver, ACBU’s marketing coordinator who also helped advertise and attended the event, said marketing for this year’s competition came easier than in year’s past.

“Marketing for Bradley Idol was one of my favorite events to cover since it encourages people to show off their talent,” Bulver said. “Being able to give recognition and bring smiles to people’s faces for their hard work was really enjoyable.”

Bulver also said that he enjoyed the experience and saw an increase an engagement and the overall collection of talent from past years of the competition.

“When I was preparing my marketing strategy and advertisements, I noticed more people interested than in years past,” Bulver said. “It was impressive to see so many people show off their talents, even if they did not make the cut.”

Chris Campbell, a sophomore Marketing & Management and Leadership major, was at the show and enjoyed watching the high level of competition perform.

“It was a great show, it was run well and was a lot of fun to listen to and enjoy,” Campbell said. “I did not realize how much natural singing talent was here at Bradley and it was surprising.”

When asked what she would do with the prize, Myers said she would put it towards getting concert tickets for her favorite band, the Jonas Brothers.

ACBU can be found on Facebook at @buactivites, Instagram and Twitter at @acbubradley, or online at


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